Loney Dear

Today, and in fact last week as well, and perhaps the week before that, I have been enamoured by Loney Dear. I cannot figure out how to say the name, or even how to spell it, and if indeed there should be a pause between “Loney” and “Dear.” Like most bands I like, there is no reason I like them, except that they are signficantly above the pack. I heard of this band from the art director of Portland Spaces, who is a fan o’ music as well. We certainly don’t like the same kinds of music all the time, or none of the same music some of the time, but when a band is good it spans genres and genomes and flight patterns.

In fact, I can hardly describe it, except to say it is my new favorite band. I have a new favorite band every day, or every other day, or every other month, and sometimes these types of fleeting moments last even longer than that.

I have heard two of their albums now, and Loney, Noir is certainly the pick of the two. The album builds, is full of pop hooks, sensibility, smartness, genuineness, and is like the older Belle and Sebastian before they got lost in their own selves through predictable experimentation and bigger-sound, -world stuff that makes me want to shoot them all with dead things.

You can check them out anytime you want. You know where to go!Loney, Noir


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