Fleet Foxes

June 12, 2008

I’m going to stick my neck out, after only hearing a mere 2.5 tracks, and after only posting two posts on this brand new blog of mine (because in this time of competition, where everyone is trying to discover one’s new favorite band, it’s important to be quick and unstudied, instinctual, I mean) and proclaim Fleet Foxes MNFB.

It is a not a safe declaration, neither. Meaning, it’s not super upbeat and it also lacks that trendy irony (trendony) that is so predictable and typically delicious to my kind.

The music I describe harkens back to things I am not familiar with, except that My Morning Jacket, unfortunately, comes to mind, particularly in the wailing category. It reminds me, then, of elements with which I am unfamiliar. It does not sound like Classic Rock, and it does not sound like U2. The lyrics seem rather normal – “You Run with The Devil” being the chant on “Your Protector” is not a new chant, nor is the lyrical salutation, “Baby.”

However, there is a certain build-up in the drums, with some downright noodly guitar in the backdrop that harkens back to 1985. It is a slow band with some Bon Iver falsetto thrown in, but again, let’s liken it more to My Morning Jacket than to the sweet falsetto of Bon Iver, as Bon Iver does not use elements of reverb as much as, perhaps, FF uses.

Most unique, most important to clarify here is the choir-like singing as well as the Jens Lekman gayness. And I mean that in the best of ways, of course. It has a beautiful melody. The guy — and I have not heard his singing before — really can sing, or wail, or chant, and the percussion and orechestration is rather celebratory.

Will MNFB gain a following? I know it will.

That Fleet Foxes is my new favorite bands is now a new fact, and I hope not a fleeting fact. Let me be the first (or last?) to deem FF my MNFB.

Check them out, and don’t be the last to know. Thank you again, Tim, for turning over so many rocks to find this particular gem.


2 Responses to “Fleet Foxes”

  1. sac Says:

    Hey bro- can you add links to the songs you listened to?

  2. aaron Says:

    Links from which website?

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