The Dodos

June 9, 2008

After reading several reviews on The Dodos, I thought I’d try them out. This was following my interest in The Figurines, which I probably willcomment on in another post to come. The Dodos are playing in Portland soon, and depending on the venue, I may even go.

I think it’s got just the right mix of diversity, pop mentality, and, what a relief, a lack of irony. It’s straight-ahead, not even lo-fi. It occasionally reminds me of Wings, which in my book, anyway, is a pretty high compliment (especially in terms of originality). The songs are well composed and quite catchy. So, for the next few days or weeks, I’m going with The Dodos.

Congratulations The Dodos. You’re my new favorite band.

Coming up soon:

The Figurines

Los Campencinos (sp?)

and much more


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