April 23, 2008

Welcome to mynewfavoriteband.com, where I hope to disappoint you with my picks for my new favorite bands.  I bought this domain and was not surprised it wasn’t taken, but had to take it anyway, due to its strength and memorability.  I knew it wasn’t taken because it was still available.  I knew it wouldn’t be taken because it’s just too long of a name for most people.

I have since done searches for My New Favorite Band and have not found much except perhaps some other bands that used to have that band name.  This URL is not a band, but rather a blog, and it will probably die the death of most blogs with long URLs, that of neglect and shyness and disappointment, but we will try to keep it going until it limps along to its dreary end.


2 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. dusty pace Says:

    chuggy chuggy oo oo

  2. rebecca(the great) Says:


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